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About Us

We have no inspirational stories to tell that will blow your socks off! We are just an ordinary group of people in extraordinary mindset who believe in leveraging technology to streamline processes and communication. We have gone through everything and face every challenge that a startup experience: sleepless nights, lots of coding, rearranging the puzzle pieces, and backbreaking hard work.

And here we are today, more confident than ever. We believe in our struggles and strategies. We love turning the impossibilities into realities using cutting-edge technology. We live by the idea of making lives simpler and more convenient.

Our Mission

From the outset of MsgGenie project, we are dreaming of revolutionizing the communication means. We are social animals we communicate and it’s everywhere and thus we believe that our communication should not be limited to a single phone. We want to make messaging more feasible and independent.

We worked day and night to bring a change into mobile communication. We assess what have been done before us and what can be done to make communication ties stronger and more streamlined where people are not required to be bound to their smartphone in order to communicate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]